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YouTube Video Help Save our Historic US Navy Destroyers- Narrated by Ernest Borgnine

YouTube Video  Torpedo Squadron 8 Battle of Midway 1942 Memorial Film

YouTube Video Remembering Torpedo Squadron 8

2012 Blue Angels Demonstration and Museum  Power Point Show courtesy Rich Carrara

 Original Art by John Swartley - World Cruise Logo 1954 Feature Page of 1954 World Cruise Book , Waldron Alumni Association Plank Owner , Waldron Association Patch , Certificate of Appreciation



LCDR John C. Waldron  Photo courtesy Mark Horan

LCDR Waldron and Horace F. Dobbs, CRMP on the flight deck of the USS Hornet  Photo courtesy Mark Horan

LCDR Waldron taking off from the USS HornetPhoto courtesy Mark Horan

LCDR Waldron & Torpedo Squadron 8

Launching of the Waldron (1943-44?) Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Waldron in WWII Photo courtesy Fr Herb

USS Waldron's first officers

Shakedown cruise - July 1944

Waldron underway - July 1944

USS Waldron return from the Pacific - January 1946

Waldron pin-up girl - Lana Turner

USS Waldron Patch



Memories of Life on the Waldron - YouTube video - courtesy of Harvey Phillips

Photos from 1955-1956 - courtesy of Harvey Phillips

Heavy seas    (Pat Collins says he was on the Waldron when  this photo was taken in   November 1952 not Sept. '53)

Southampton, England - 1951 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Southampton, England - 1951

Southampton, England 1951 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Hampton Roads 1951 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

At sea  Photo courtesy Barney Elletson

At sea Photo courtesy Barney Elletson

From Fr Herb's GQ station in the Pacific on round-the-world cruise 1953-1954 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Athens, Greece May 1954 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Barcelona, Spain 1954 - on Shore Patrol with Herb Cleary Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Hong Kong 1954 - Herb Cleary pointing to the Waldron Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Model of USS Waldron made for Fr Herb Cleary by USS English crewmember   Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Mid 50s   Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Drawing of the Waldron (late 50s) Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Waldron in Venice - 1952 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Waldron leaving Charleston, SC - 1951 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Waldron in color Photo courtesy Fr Herb

DESDIV221 next to tender 1956 or 1957   Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Painting of USS Waldron (artist unknown)   Photo courtesy Fr Herb

 Waldron at Cartagena, Spain (date unknown)  Photo courtesy Eugenio Castillo, webmaster at

Slide Show of 1953-54 World Cruise 1953-54   Pictures courtesy of Barney Elletson.  Barney took these picts with a Brownie on the 1953-1954 world cruise.
Images include refueling beside the USS Wisconsin. The cargo ship is the USS Iowa BB-61, and the carrier is the USS Leyte CV-32. The whale boat was retrieving a practice torpedo.
Captain Fay Wilsie is wearing a ball cap in pict 6.

Slide Show of Waldron Collision 1959  Photos courtesy Lenny Lindgren. The images are of the collision of the USS Waldron DD-699 and the the Italian Frigate Altair F-571's anchor bow chain in Naples, Italy on February 18, 1959.
Lenny says, "We had already 'Med' moored and got underway with the Altair at our port side, and the wind blew us so that our port screw hit their bow chain. After this incident the Waldron steamed to Gibraltar into dry dock it get it port screw replace from February 27 to March 4, 1959 and returned to Norfolk, Virginia March 12, 1959 after a 6 month 10 day Mediterranean cruise."

Slide Show  of Waldron and Crew 1958  Photos courtesy Lenny Lindgren


1960s to Decommission and Beyond

June 1963 in Ponta Del Gatta the Azores Photo courtesy Archie Landen

1963 from Med Cruise Book Photo courtesy Russell Pettit

In Port on Med Cruise 1964 Photo courtesy Peter Keber

At Sea about 1960 Photo courtesy Fr Herb

At sea in 1964

Refuelling in 1967

Refuelling in Heavy Seas (animation by RW)

Heavy seas in 1969

More heavy seas (alot of heavy seas on the Waldron)Photo courtesy Paul Weekley

In port


Captain on the bridge


Christmas lights

Waldron in the Med  1964 Photo courtesy Peter Keber

Paul Weekley in the boiler roomPhoto courtesy Paul Weekley

Ron Wells at the RADAR

Lesvos, Greece - 1965

Waldron in Caribean - 1967Photo courtesy Jon McAuliffe

Gemini 6 Recovery - 1965Photo courtesy Jon McAuliffe

Gemini 6 Recovery - 1965Photo courtesy Jon McAuliffe

Jon McAuliffe - 1965Photo courtesy Jon McAuliffe

Nassau, Bahamas - August, 1970Photo courtesy Chris Cesulski of Rochester, Michigan

Muster on Fantail 1970 Photo courtesy Steve Newbauer

Ships officers at Play 1970 Photo courtesy Steve Newbauer

The USS Waldron as Santander 03 or the Columbian Navy Photo courtesy Fr Herb

Dry Dock 1 66-67 Photo courtesy Nick Diller

Dry Dock 2 66-67 Photo courtesy Nick Diller

At Sea on the fan tail Photo courtesy Nick Diller

ARC Santander Dec 1979 at Colombian Naval Base ARC Bolivar at Cartagen Photo courtesy LT (r) Luis B. Castro

Waldron Auxillary Air Field and Waldron Rd. - Corpus Christi, TX  Photo courtesy Google Maps

ARC Santander Photo courtesy LT (r) Luis B. Castro

ARC Santander along side USS Vulcan AR 5 November or December  1976 at anchor inner bay Cartagena Colombia  Photo courtesy LT (r) Luis B. Castro

A cold day in 1967   Photo courtesy Tony Alarcon


YouTube video of 2016 Reunion in Jacksonville, FL

2016 Reunion - Jacksonville, FL   Photos coutesy of Bob Travis & Pauline Wells (This may load slowly - it is a big file)

2018 Reunion - Tampa, FL  Photos coutesy of Dick Sweetman

new.gif (4678 bytes) 2022 Reunion - Grapevine, TX  Photos courtesy of Bob Travis

Unsure of Age

The USS Waldron's Coat of Arms Photo courtesy Jack Melnick

Waldron Plaque found aboard Spanish Navy destroyer Admiral Valdes D-23 Photo courtesy Sergio Olivares - Barcelona, Spain

Cruise Books

These are large pdf files and may open slowly.

1953-1954 World Cruise Book courtesy Nancy Linton daughter of BM2 Eugene Tarlton

1958 Mediterranean Cruise Pictures courtesy Lenny Lindgren

1961 Mediterrean Cruise Pictures courtesy Jon Bowden

new.gif (4678 bytes) 1963-1964 Mediterranean Cruise Book courtesy Dick Sweetman

1965 Mediterranean Cruise Book courtesy Ted Tomaszewicz

 1967 Westpac Cruise Book courtesy Bob Travis

1969 - 1970 Mediterranean Cruise Book courtesy Herb Fenster and his daughter, Marcia Blair

Ron Wells

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